Ways on How College Students Can Save on Food Expenses

Money Matters

Saving on expenses, especially on food, is essential to living a frugal college life. And these days, being thrifty is cool and wise.  You must save when and wherever you can because you’ll never when you will need the extra money, especially with the rising costs of books, rent,dissertation editor, math tutor, and many others.

Below are just of the few ways to save money on food:

Do  one week’s worth of grocery shopping
You will not only save money but save time as well. The time that you will be spending in thinking what to eat will be easily resolved because you already have food stocked in your dorm room.  Doing once-a-week food buying makes you feel in control and secured that you will have something to eat once classes are over for the day.

Cut out coupons
You’re not going the extreme couponing path, mind you…

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