Budgeting for Money That You Don’t Have

The Financial Informants

In my last post I talked about the Envelope System as a personal budgeting technique. The basic assumption was that income was known and expected expenses were known. Now, what happens when you are not sure how much money you have for expenditure or your income keeps on fluctuating?

Budgeting for money that you don’t have is tricky. You have to prudently plan for the little money you have by practicing better money management. So here some tips on budgeting for the little that you have.


Inform your creditors that you may not be able to meet your financial obligations as agreed. If they are understanding, then you may be able to negotiate an alternative payment plan on a temporarily basis until you can recover from your financial hardship.

Prioritize the Money You Do Have

If you have little money to spend, pay the most important bills first i.e…

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