FOX News: MasterCard launches new credit card with LCD screen, keyboard

MasterCard launches new credit card with LCD screen, keyboard, – Sent via the FOX News Android App.


Here’s AT&T’s $14B plan to kill its copper network and leave rural America behind


AT&T is done with its copper telephone network and copper DSL business, according to its CEO and chairman Randall Stephenson, who spoke Wednesday at an analyst conference in New York City. The company believes that an all-IP network is the path to more profitable future.  Given the millions of subscribers that are dependent on the copper telephone lines and copper DSL products, AT&T has offered a $14 billion fringe benefit for those customers and the regulators who will likely balk at the idea of AT&T stopping its investment in copper.

AT&T said it will invest $14 billion in its networks over the next three years, with those dollars going into wireless, business services and the fiber-to-the-node U-verse product. Those three product lines make up 81 percent of AT&T’s revenue and collectively are growing at 6 percent a year. AT&T expects to spend $8 billion for wireless initiatives and $6 billion for…

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With xPrintServer, print from iPhone or iPad to almost any printer


With many of iOS 6’s (s AAPL)new features such as Passbook and turn-by-turn directions, many of us need to print less stuff than ever. However, the post-paper era hasn’t quite caught up with the post-PC era: we still need paper to print some boarding passes or a complex map. Newer printers support AirPrint out of the box and software solutions such as Printopia can use your Mac as a print server. Lantronix has a another solution to enable “the rest of us” to print from iOS and the product works well — with some minor annoyances.

How it works

The xPrinterServer has two variations: a Home edition and Network edition. The Home Edition ($99.95) supports USB printers as well up to five network-based printers. The Network Edition ($149.95) only supports network-based printers but supports an unlimited number of them. For that price, you could, in theory, simply buy…

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