11 Things That Will Get You Ahead in the Workplace

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As my career continues to advance, I have been taking the time to reflect and see what has worked and what has not. I have worked in a variety of fields (group homes, fitness, customer service, career center, lawn care) many things overlap as making “good” employees. At the end of the day, we all just want to feel important and like our efforts are contributing to something. One of the quickest ways to lose your employees is to make them feel disengaged. This can happen in a variety of ways, most commonly when we stop giving feedback. We crave improvement, we want to be the best version of ourselves. If we stop telling people what they do well, and how they can improve, how are they ever supposed to feel connected to an organization? Without further adieu, here’s how to be an all-star in your work and even in…

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20 Things the Rich Do Every Day

Monico Perez

Today I came across this article that a friend of mine posted online and I read it and apparently there were some people that felt offended by the post and others didn’t.  I read it and found it intriguing and more than anything motivating to make some changes in my life in order to fall into the category of wealthy.  Now one thing is that some people view that wealth is dealing with Money, however I don’t feel that way, I think wealth means in all areas of ones life.  Being Wealthy in your relationship, wealthy in your health, money, socially, etc.  So you read it and come to your own conclusion.  I wish you a great 2014 may you say blessed throughout the year and may you become wealthier in all areas of your life.  Thanks Roger for the post!

Tom Corley, on his website RichHabitsInstitute.com, outlines a…

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Challenge Yourself

Patrick O'Connor Real Estate

It is the first full week of 2014. When would be a better time to start a new savings plan? I found a great savings challenge. It has shown up on many sites such as Affinityplus.org and digtriad.com and has been around for years. I would give credit for the idea to a specific person if I knew who it was. It even comes with various challenges. I think it is a great way to start to save some money. By the end of one year, you will have plenty of money in an emergency fund or a vacation fund or whatever else you would like to focus the money on.

Of course, it is vital that you do not use the money expect for its intended purpose or what is the point of doing it in the first place – right?

Here is a chart that I made so…

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