The networked car is no longer just an idea; it will be mandated in future vehicles


For the last two years, automakers and the U.S. Department of Transportation have been investigating the idea of cars talking to once another, putting thousands of Wi-Fi connected smart vehicles on a track in at the University of Michigan to see if they could cooperate with another and avoid accidents. Apparently the feds are convinced that the technology is ready for prime-time because on Monday, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it is kicking off a process that will one day make inter-networking a requirement in all new vehicles.

The technology is called vehicle-to-vehicle communications, or V2V for short, and NHTSA is billing it as a safety technology similar to seat belts and airbags. A car that can communicate its intentions, can let other vehicles know if it’s slamming on its brakes or just turned on its blinker, signaling a lane change. Drivers could then react to those cues…

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