How Old Money Lives

The Old Money Book

In The Old Money Book, I detail the values, priorities, and habits of individuals and families who’ve enjoyed wealth and privilege for three generations or more.  Not by accident, the book begins with Old Money Values. If you don’t know what’s important–to you or someone else–mimicking certain behaviors will be a short-lived endeavor with hit-or-miss results in terms of improving your quality of life. (How Old Money Does It is the second section.)

But if you know the know the underlying philosophy behind a way of life, it will make more sense and adopting it will be easier. An OMG (Old Money Gal) I spoke with recently summed it up nicely when she said dryly, “No matter what happens, we aren’t going to behave any differently.”

She was speaking in financial terms, noting that regardless of whether or not her family made a lot of money this year or…

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